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Welcome to my technology blog. I'm Roland Brixon, a self-professed technology geek who's been fascinated with technology ever since he was a child. I'm also a web developer and freelance writer by day. If you're looking for interesting, unique articles on any topic, technology or otherwise, please check out my blog and its many categories.

What do you need to get started making your own site? Nothing really! A computer, an Internet connection and a few popular keywords or phrases will serve as your platform. Next comes the fun part; coming up with a unique title for your blog. Your title should explain who you are and what technology you're talking about. Don't just stuff it with random words.

Are you into blogging? If you're interested in making your own site, then I'd recommend starting out as a guest blogger. This will give you more exposure and hopefully word-of-mouth publicity that help boost your search engine rankings. If you prefer to do everything yourself, then you'll have to do a lot of research and legwork to come up with a good title and blog description.
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